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 Across The Cosmos Podcast is now available for your listening enjoyment on a weekly basis. You can listen online, or download for edification at your leisure.

What is Across the Cosmos exactly? How does this podcast differ from any of the numerous podcasts which can be found all about the Internet? Why should we expect anyone to give us an hour of their precious and valuable time once a week to listen to us opine on various subjects when that same information could be heard by people with a long list of letters behind their names; people who possess stature and credibility within their respective fields? Good questions all. Let me explain just what “Across the Cosmos” is and how it is unlike any other podcast you’ll find today.

Across the Cosmos was finally conceived as a workable concept more than a year ago, but had been an Idea which had been considered for more than twenty years. Obviously back then, podcasting did not yet exist and the goal at that time was to put together a terrestrial radio program. With the advancement in technology, Across the Cosmos could become a reality closer to what had been initially intended. That intention was to show that while Science and Religion are thought by most of their respective adherents to be discordant as concepts, they are not. What is seen as incongruent is actually the result of misunderstanding or misinformation on the part of both parties.

Thus Science and Religion find themselves uncomfortable companions traversing the unknown in a quest for answers. But does that mean such a quest must be taken separately, or can this quest be undertaken mutually, each side focusing on their strengths and lifting the other side up to compensate for their weaknesses? We here at Across the Cosmos are firm believers in the latter. Science and Faith are inextricably linked on this voyage – and that is by design.

So we at Across the Cosmos hope you will spend an hour a week with us, listen to our rationale and contribute your own thoughts. Initially this will be done via email, but should interest in what we do here each week grow, plans for a live podcast are in the works to allow for your phone calls.

Thanks for stopping by.


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